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Real visitors delivered from all categories the USA

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Real visitors delivered from all countries globally - Worldwide targeted traffic.

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Mobile Device Traffic

Website displayed on iPads, iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets - all mobile devices

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Country Specific Traffic

Visitors from Canada, UK, European, and more. Includes "English Speaking" only.

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Real Visitors for your Website...

Welcome to Massive Trafic Hits!

What we do for you...
We wil help incease your sales and leada by sending ghousands of real Premium Targeted Visistors To see your website.

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In 24 hours or les we can have asteady flow of fresh prospects viewing your site... Guaranteed!

Special Services
    is aligned with several powerful advertising networks, primed and ready to deliver enormous amounts of real visitors to your online business. You can rest easy knowing that your web site is getting full exposure at all times.
  • Over the past few years
    we have acquired the knowledge, the resources, and the affiliations that allowed us to become a major supplier in the traffic delivery arena.
  • Traffic is generated through
    The use of exclusive pop-under technology and is rotated throughout over 4,000+ different websites
  • Unlike other traffic providers,
    Our laser traffic system also derives from our own network of Exit Exchanges, Expired Domains, Exit Pop-unders, Redirects, Traffic Exchanges, etc. These websites collectively receive tens of millions of visitors per day, so you get maximum exposure by placing your site on our network.
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Massive Traffic Hits

What sets us apart from the others?
100% Unique Visitors

All targeted traffic delivered to your site consists of totally unique visitors, meaning that each visitor is counted only once in a 24 hour period.

Targeted Visitors:

All "targeted" traffic is delivered to individuals within your chosen targeted category. Expose your business to millions of targeted internet users while effectively branding your product or service.

Full Page Views:

Visitors experience your entire web page, unlike banner exposures or mini popups. We offer the best available traffic on the net! Don't be fooled by artificial traffic providers or mechanical systems. We send real people to your website!

Click Here to see an example of how Pop-Unders work

Traffic Statistics Manager:

You receive a username and password to our Traffic Manager to monitor the progress of your campaign. Traffic is tracked on our own servers so there is no false tracking. If your ad is blocked, it is not counted.

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Casino and Adult Traffic:

Have a Casino or Adult Website? No problem! As adult web site and casino promotion experts, we market your website to millions of internet users interested in casino or adult related content while effectively branding your web site name.

Money Back Guarantee:

Your purchase comes with an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee. Simple and straight forward - If you do not receive all of the traffic you purchased we will issue a full refund for the undelivered visitors.

Here is

What Our cusomers say about our service

Simple and straight forward...

We delver top quality traffic to your website in the quantities you request or your money back.

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